We undertake clinical, therapeutic interventions based on widely accepted techniques, consistent with our philosophy that the process is both for the alcoholic/addict and the family. The service includes:

  • consulting with the family or team to identify the most appropriate treatment facility;
  • leading a planning session the day before the intervention during which we determine the details of the intervention and help the family understand the impact of a loved-one’s addiction;
  • leading the intervention, and;
  • if the individual agrees to go, transportation to treatment.

Finally, because the intervention is the beginning of a new phase, not the end of an old phase, we provide a weekly phone call for the first 3 moths with all team members.

Intervention Agreement


We consult with individuals and families, and/or the identified person on the nature, implications, and consequences of addiction; resources for assessment; pathways to recovery; identification and advice on resources for clinical support; resources for financial support; what to expect in treatment and recovery; and information on treatment programs nation-wide.

Consultation Agreement


An assessment on an individual’s substance abuse and/or addiction is a diagnostic tool that follow the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) clinical criteria and techniques. This is a thorough, objective evaluation that informs our professional opinion. This is service includes a written report on technique, findings and opinion; with reports often authorized to employers, the judicial system, and/or referring professionals.

Assessment Agreement


We accompany and support persons in, or seeking, recovery as they travel to/from treatment and/or their intended recovery setting. Transport services are intended to enhance timely, safe travel, appropriate interface with travel personnel, and assistance with possible withdrawal issues.

Transport Agreement


For people striving to stay in recovery, we provide a planned, structured, ongoing evaluation and support effort including regular investigation, consultation and reporting. The minimum course of case management is six (6) months, and is typically for one (1) year (a longer term may be arranged but would be unusual). These services are planned to involve the Identified Person and appropriate secondary parties (spouses, sponsor, employer, physician, therapist, licensing agency, probation agency) with scheduled telephone interviews, random drug testing, objective communication/reporting, client and family consultation and support. Factual written reports on stars or problems can be arranged.

Case Mgmt Agreement


In this set of services we present planned, active consultation and support in the person’s home community, including coaching for sobriety; idnetifaction of resources; hands-on action steps (find and attend meetings, establish a sponsor; identify “triggers” and set strategies to avoid them)Typically these services are scheduled for 3-5 days. A new look at the old home town to achieve the new goal of recovery.

H.E.R.O. Agreement


“Sober Companion” services provide extended one-on-one recovery support and assistance in the Identified Person’s community or work setting. These services combine recovery orientation, sober coaching and treatment techniques for an extended period of time.

Sober Companion Agreement